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when it comes to specific poses I try to first draw the most basic shapes and movement lines and then gradually go into more and more details, like so:



if you have difficulties with perspective, try drawing a perspective grid first:


it’s nothing different than tips from other artists, but I hope it helped a little ;u;

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We started a life drawing group with 4 different studios around town. The first session was tonight, and these were my favourites (:

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When I was trying to figure out paint tools sai I had a hard time finding helpful tutorials.
So I’ve decided to post some things I’ve discovered that were useful. (And maybe might be useful to you)

 A lot of these commands also work for Photoshop. They are very useful to know.

very useful for those that don’t know

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Part 1

Custom elemap crosshatch

Sumi-e brush (elemap not included)

Halftone Brushtex’s

The start sai program is quite handy, it can be found online .. somewhere. I ran into it a couple months ago when I was actively collecting brushes, but since I already had the program I didn’t bother bookmarking it. 

(my version of) Sai only allows a max of 54 elemaps. I believe there’s a similar limit on blotmaps though I have not hit it yet. I think the Brushtex may be limited to 100 but I have likewise not hit it.

If you have brushes from multiple sources, consider taking the time to go through your collections to weed out duplicates. I hit my elemap limit when I was first assembling brushes, only to discover I had no less than 4 versions of multiple brushes, all under different names.

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here ill post these together!! luv this water brush

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The tutorial of how I achieve watercolor effect in Sai! :) I highly recommend using real watercolor paintings (your own or ones found on the internet) as reference.

And here you can find a few useful links: 

  1. You can download the Sai file of this picture here: link 
  2. Video process of painting another picture: link
  3. The old watercolor tutorial: link
  4. Sai brushes (none of them is made by me) link + file you need to open them in Sai: link
  5. Awesome watercolor brushes made by Kyle T Webster: link

Here’s the finished painting: link

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Let me know if you have questions!!!

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How do you stufy anatomy?? I have trouble coloring things and finding where the light and dark spots are and what colors are the right ones to use and ugh how do you do it? Is there some site you practice from or book or art class? D:
asked by Anonymous 


i usually just eyeball rl pictures for practice and do gesture drawings and kinda wing it. wing it a lot 99% of the time idk what i’m even doing  <been using this blog hella lot lately, it’s helped me tons with practice and pose refs <gesture drawing drills v useful   <awesome skin tutorial that talks about shading and different skin tones

good luck!

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Art References Tumblr Accounts!


Some of these may be in the wrong category. Some may need to be in another category! Do tell me (through my ask box) if I need to change or add something! Have fun looking through these accounts!









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Download Here
How to install ele &amp; blotmaps
Shining like a cats eye
You may be realizing by now that all of my burshes are just 20 billion or so variations of “Flat _____” 


Download Here

How to install ele & blotmaps

Shining like a cats eye

You may be realizing by now that all of my burshes are just 20 billion or so variations of “Flat _____”